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Curatorial (selected)


(forthcoming), The Wildflower, Hafnarborg, Iceland  


(forthcoming), Danika Vandersteen, Miracle Baby, Toronto, ON

October — December 2018

A candle flickers on a dark stage. Poised and ardent, a seated figure begins to play her instrument. L'Arbarme Dich, Bach's famous aria for the supplication of St. Peter, fills the room. 

July — September, 2017

This ordinary place is sufficient. Everything here is touchable and mysterious."
—Alice Munro, 1974

Essays, texts & commissions 

(forthcoming), HARBOUR publication

July 2014 — January 2015

More than 100 works by Canadian icon Alex Colville (1920-2013)  honour Colville’s legacy and explore the continuing impact of his work from the perspectives of prominent popular culture figures from film, literature and music. 

April — May 2013

At the dawn of the Athropocene, works of sculpture, mixed-media assemblage and video are immanent findings from the evolving surface layer of history.

to kiss a goat between the horns and other stories: an essay on the art of Jerry Ropson (The Rooms Provincial Gallery and Archives)

Into the Atmosphere, new work by Hazel Eckert (The Rooms Provincial Gallery and Archives)

Leisure: a Canadian artist/curator collective (n paradoxa, Vol 40, pp 89-93)

Arts and Culture

Web Copy 



June 2018 — June 2019

A series of playful micro-exhibitions embedded in tropical plant and design studio Dynasty Toronto.

July 2016 — September 2017

A project spaced nestled in a historic building downtown St. John's focusing on young artists and experimental art activites.


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