People, plants and dogs

Bree Hyland

November 8 — December 9 2018

Open house event, Thursday November 8 4:30 — 9 PM

Dynasty Studio, 136 Avenue Road, Toronto


my paintings come from my obscure, often mysterious discomfort with strip malls, music videos, and glossy magazines — things that shaped my life growing up in suburban ontario and Nova Scotia.

My approach to figurative paintinG is fluid and expressive. I like working from life, Drawing from personal experience and painting the people within my family and community. 


Bree Hyland holds a BFA from NSCAD University (2015) where she was the recipient of the Takao Tanabe Painting Scholarship. Recent group and solo exhibits include: Conversations, at The Craig Gallery (Dartmouth, 2018) Pools and Pride at Hermes (Halifax, 2017), Invisible Bright Touch at the Cork Street Project Space (Halifax, 2017), Her Impossible Gentle Hands and Blood Red Fingernails at the Grace Jollymoore Joyce Arts Centre (Tatamagouche, 2016). She was 2017/2018 participant in the Visual Arts Nova Scotia (VANS) Mentorship Program. She continues to live and work in Halifax, Nova Scotia..